Fridge Magnets

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The concept

The idea for the magnets is pretty simple. You distribute magnets that include a printed message expressing your interest in your community with one or more contact method. This can be said in many ways, but a proven way is, "Need Prayer? We Care! "Obviously a magnet including a point of contact is a custom product that needs to be produced just for your local assembly, and cannot be mass-produced.

What to include on the magnet?

A magnet of this kind needs to have contact information for the local assembly. The most common are email, phone and/or web site, but some include the address of a meeting place as well. Remember the small size of the magnet necessitates only the very ESSENTIAL information be included. 

One idea some groups of Christians who are doing a lot of evangelism and follow-up find effective is to set up a basic mobile phone for purposes of interacting with the community, rather than printing personal numbers or the assembly building number (if that number is not checked constantly or at least regularly during the week). If the main point of contact is away for any reason, the "prayer line" phone can be left with another person in fellowship.If you don't have a web site that includes an email for your local fellowship, setting up a separate free email address from the likes of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other email services for the fellowship is quite easy.


Some people want to include a photo of their meeting place, but this really has only one benefit—if people live nearby and they are looking to visit, they might recognize the building where you meet. This is a very remote possibility. We have to be careful not to send a conflicting message that we say we care about them, when we promote our place where we hold meetings. Consider beautiful photography showing scenic places around your local area. These are more likely to encourage the recipient to place the magnet on their fridge door or elsewhere. The look and feel of the magnet can be customized to your area.  


Where to get them and what do they cost?

A magnet is a custom product, it needs to be designed and produced just for your local assembly. We can suggest several vendors who produce good quality magnets.  Often, local printing companies offer this service as well, but be aware magnets come in different thicknesses which affect cost. We suggest ordering magnets with 0.7mm thickness (27.5 mil).  Magnets that are the size and shape of a business card (55mm x 85mm) are usually the most economical. The per unit cost becomes more economical as the quantity increases (usually to a certain point, then the unit price levels out), so carefully consider how many magnets could be used for both covering houses in the area plus some to share with any visitors, etc.  You can come up with your own design, that would best suit your outreach. If you have any questions feel free to contact us for more information. 


How long do they take to get ready?

The time needed to produce and deliver the magnets is approximately two week, from artwork approaval, but sometimes this may vary because of workloads or any other constraints.